The Forestalp tour operator (T.O.), the natural guide,cIclicling leader, montain bycicle guide and guide of nordik walking and Yoga experts of orienteering and tree-climbing you propose a new mode to spent your holiday in one region, the Marche region offer you arts and historical interest and also eno-gastronomic interest that there are no comparation in other place of Italy.


In the Marche region the discovering of territory is always a little avventure, far from the usual roads,you can taste it in full immersin mode or slow. In the active tourism, for our filosofy there is no the act of doing it but the feeling with the nature the territory; not only a simple tourist but a star of your holiday!


Thanks to Forestalp Tour Operator whit the patnership of its expert personal in the different sector of active turisme 


We can you propose a lot of unforgettble experiece to do by by bike on foot, itinererary of rare magnificent, more interesting and sometimes, of hard.


Forestalp Tour Operator the active turisme for all, also for familys for the excursions in the  Conero Parc, in the National Parc of Sibillini or Gola della Rossa and Frasassi.


Forestalp offer to our cliet the discover of territory of Marche region with unique e inegual expererience different and no camarable to other.

Moving by bicile is the best way to approcete with our location of our region for  the landescape, taste parfumes and our ancien …....

Our trips,  itinerary you will descovered of brethleless landescape and amaizing borg.

Our specialized guides for all the tipology of biker from neofite to the more expert.

A lot of number of facilities that we you offer will you offer a pleasant holiday.


 The nordic walking is an activity for our body, for the people of all the age in all season.

Doing nordic walking garantee you energy and good mood, and leave the body to be slim tonig and flexible.

For un the nordic whalking in a mode to improve wellness e life stile.

The Forestalp nordic wolking school with its istructor you garantee the quality of our job.


Reserch of right posture and the resperct of individual carateristic are the principal obiective of Forestalp nordic walking school!


We organize couses of nordic walking  but also a project of culture of wellness in collaboratin of club or company. The nordic walking is a form of body activity that in plus of normal and natural normal walking has in addicional the use of two stiks adapt for their use.

The caratteristic of natural walking and is bio-mechanical  correct for all the aspect.

The nordic walking is a fisical safety, natural,dynamics activity for all kind of person that fit all the body in olistic mode balanced and simmetrical.

The global obiective of nordic walking is the total psico-fisic wellness.


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